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Alexis J. Cunningfolk: Intersectional Herbalist + Witch // Ep. 6

Episode Summary

Alexis J. Cunningfolk, of Worts + Cunning Apothecary, is an intersectional herbalist, witch, and weaver of remedies. As a queer non-binary womxn of mix-d heritage, she revels in the powerful intersections of ancestral wisdom, social justice, and plant healing. She helps folks radically re-enchant their lives with herbal medicine and magickal arts through her online and in-person classes, currently based in Sacramento, CA.

Episode Notes

In this episode:

Connect with her: wortsandcunning.com, @wortsandcunning.

Also mentioned: Dori Midnight dorilandia.com, @dorimidnight.

Host + Producer Lola Venado: lolavenado.com, @lolavenado

Podcast: branchandbonemedicine.show, @branchandbone

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