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Teren Nicole: Artist + Energy Guide // Ep. 5

Episode Summary

Teren Nicole is a mixed-race woman living in San Francisco. She is a hairstylist by trade, and a writer, artist and energy guide by divine blueprint. Teren is able to feel, see, move, channel and transmute energy for the earth, other people and herself for art. She seeks to blend her gifts together to push the boundaries of what we think certain art forms are, asking such questions as: "Can an image or a poem transmit energy? Can energy transmit art?". She thinks so, and says we are about to find out.

Episode Notes

In this episode:

Connect with her: @youngmoon_child, Email freeteren@yahoo.com, Wake Up video https://youtu.be/asb7GpkNbS8.

Also mentioned, Life As Ceremony: @life_as_ceremony, lifeasceremony.wixsite.com

Host + Producer Lola Venado: lolavenado.com, @lolavenado

Podcast: branchandbonemedicine.show, @branchandbone

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